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Need help navigating the City of Doral Buiding Department? Need a permit runner in Miami? Do you have concerns with your permitting process in South Florida? We can help.

Our team will work with you to provide comprehensive permitting services. Whether it is to coordinate and attend meetings with you in the building departments or discuss concerns during the permitting of your project, we are here to make certain your projects go through the process as seamlessly as possible.

We are the best permit expediters in South Florida. We cover all of South Florida, which include Miami Dade County and all Miami Dade Municipalities, Broward County and all Broward County Municipalities, Palm Beach County and all Palm Beach County Municipalities and much more.

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Find out why Judi Witkin & Associates has been the industry leader for over 35 years.


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Here are a few Permit Expediting jobs that we assisted with in Miami and different parts of South Florida.


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“Judi Witkin completely eliminates my permitting headaches, freeing me up to focus on all the other headaches involved in warehouse development. I’ve been using her firm for over a decade because I can’t turn a shovel until I get permits…and Judi makes that happen as fast as humanly possible. She knows how to handle anything that comes up. She knows when it’s worth paying overtime for inspections—and when it’s not. She treats my money like it’s her own. She grasps the totality of the permitting process and knows how to keep plans flowing through various departments. I see a genuine mutual respect between Judi and County personnel; they see her as a true professional. There are very few consultants I use on every project, but Judi is at the top of the list. It’s a real bonus that she and her staff are also so much fun to work with.”

- Kenneth Farkas, International Property Group
“We’ve worked with Judi Witkin on shopping center developments throughout Broward and Miami-Dade Counties for 23 years. Without her firm, we estimate our projects would take 7-10 percent longer to complete. The dollar value represented by that savings far exceeds what we pay for permit expediting. Judi has the industry experience to fully comprehend what clients need and a genuine passion for helping them achieve their goals. We consider Judi not only a tremendous professional asset to our operation, but a real friend as well.”
- Stephen E. Brandon, President Brandon Partners, Orlando, FL
“No question that Judi Witkin’s permit expediting skills speeded the process for the Cordoba 1 rental apartments in the city of Doral. Without a doubt, we’ll use her firm again because Judi and her people went far above and beyond our previous expectations of permitting expediters. Judi was accessible 24/7, personally walked me through County departments to get approvals and thoroughly understands the process. Her absolute honesty and straightforwardness really impressed us and it’s one of the reasons she’s so respected by the County. Also, she and her staff are personally committed not only to getting the project underway but to following through until it’s closed out. That makes a real difference.”
- Fernando Vilela, Project Executive, John Moriarty & Associates

“Whether expediting permits for us in Broward or in Miami-Dade County, Judi Witkin and her staff know the local permitting people personally and understand the intricacies of the permitting processes in each county. They don’t just drop off plans, they sit down and talk with reviewers and inspectors. Their experience allows them to work the process in the most efficient ways. They address issues before they become problems and can knowledgeably explain a project’s scope. It’s also important to us that the firm has enough staff to give every project for every client the day-to-day attention it needs. They have absolutely speeded up the permitting processes for our projects, such as Miami Children’s Hospital and Plantation General Hospital. Their approach definitely gets results.”

- Bernardo Perez, Sr. Project Manager, Arellano Construction, Miami, FL
“Judi and her team are an invaluable asset when obtaining permits and certificate of occupancy’s through the red tape at the Building Department. Her knowledge of the system and her relationships with the various departments at the county makes her services a must for expediting the process. Her experience obtained through the many years she has provided this service puts her in a separate class from her counterparts providing similar but not comparable services. Both Centex Rooney Construction and the Burger King Corporation have seen her qualifications pay off.”
- Michael Moukalian, The Taubman Company

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For over 35 years we have been successful in processing permits for all types of residential and commercial projects in South Florida. Here are a few of our clients.

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